Oct 25, 2008

Book Cover and Poster (brief for Creative Review)

The basic concept for this brief is a humorous comparison between the priorities of designers versus that of the average person, and human truths owned by designers and myself! The poster is for an "exhibition" of my work, which would (and hopefully will one day) be featured in Creative Review.

Oct 22, 2008

The photographed photographer

I really like this picture, I'm not sure why. I think it's the body language of the bird looking up at the woman in a "what the hell" kind of way. I find it funny since the woman it's looking at so unimpressed would usually be me...

Suburban Publishment

This is a publishment I designed for a small area I live in (in Constantia) which was called Barbarossa. It's a small magazine to be published every two months or so which would advertise toys and clothes that children in the area have grown out of or don't use and would like to exchange, as well as anything else that's going! Certain volunteered houses mentioned would be open to the area for the exchanges to happen on a specific date and time. The zine I chose to post would be the first one posted to explain the concept.

Packet design

This is a packet design for and Exclusive Books competition, which I unfortunately didn't win, but I still like it anyway.