Mar 19, 2009

Mar 18, 2009

At the farm

I went to a friend's farm in Langebaan with some mates, as I am one of those horsey people (go ahead, judge me). The horses were amazing though, there were some of the most beautiful warm bloods I've seen. It was so hot that they just pass out on the hot sand and stare up at me lazily wandering what the heck Im doing. I was glad I braved my raveshing allergies to get the shots, I put an effect on them to try get that texture of film, I love film- it tells a better story than SLR. Thought it might match the farm vibe... really happy with them.

Mar 17, 2009

My sketchbook

Yes, I have finally gotten my act together and I am going to start illustrating as I have had the epiphany that I have totally underestimated the impact of doodling on design. Look out for new sketches - hopefully they'll gradually get better!

Mar 13, 2009

Mar 10, 2009

Mini Design Competition - pls vote!!

I've just entered this competition for fun - the brief is a wallpaper background (to have info on the right) for their site and "always open" to be interpreted any way. Go to  and look for Pickle Jar.

My online Mag! - The White Elephant

Wow, I learned so much doing this. Unfortunately only learning Fireworks now so had to make this in Flash, phew! I realised a lot about the difference between print and web - web is so much more restricted with regards to performing a function, and they are the kind of rules you can only begin to break once you know them well. It's really a whole new ball game! I made a lot of pages so just put a few up and then the Home page here:)

Mar 9, 2009

Peace in motherhood

I drew this in charcoal quite a while ago - I admit I have a bit of a strange obsession with the female nude form, cliche? Yes. But it never gets old to me - especially pregnant women I find so beautiful, the way their curves are shaped to the form of a new life. Wow.

Mar 2, 2009

Poster, pamphlet and book design

I designed these for my last brief for the photographer Warren van Rensburg, who was so kind to help me out and who really is a rising star in the world of photography, well, my world anyway. Will post his link now now